[Bug 1309] white space in the DM


------- Additional Comments From davidc@nag.co.uk  2005-05-09 10:05 -------
> Is it possible to identify when these comments were previously made 

This current report is strongly related to


However the text that I commented about there has been largely
removed/rewriten so most of the text of that comment is no longer
relevant, the final comment lodged there is Norm's

  White space is now significant in all cases except element-only content
  where it is not significant. The draft has been clarified to reflect this.

So the first of my comments in this bug report could be rephased as
saying that:

a) the clarification added at this point isn't correct  as it
   uses the "Element Content" XML production which isn't necessarily
   available in an infoset which even if it was generated by parsing an
   XML document may not have the information. It will (or may) have the
   [element content whitespace] property reported though so this should
   be used as described in my message.

b) If this clause isn't removed, the negative impact it has on XPath
   compatibility should be documented.

The second of my comments that the reverse mapping should not always set
the infoset property [element content whitespace] to "unknown", as it
violates a constraint in the infoset spec, is new.


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