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[Bug 2456] Changes to min() and max()

[Bug 2457] Rules for URI encoding don't match RFC 3986/3987

[Bug 2458] Leading whitespace in processing instructions

[Bug 2465] [XSLT] Validation of document nodes

[Bug 2467] [XSLT] Parentless node as initial context node

[Bug 2468] [XSLT] XParh or XSLT error codes for AVTs?

[Bug 2469] [XSLT] Handling of Serialization Errors

[Bug 2470] err prefix for error messages not defined

[Bug 2474] [SER] Can fully-normalized be implemented?

[Bug 2523] xqx: pathExpr and stepExpr

[Bug 2528] [xqueryx] check for node tests in xsl

[Bug 2553] [F+O] Stability of collection()

[Bug 2561] [XSLT 2.0] Sorting of URIs should use collation

[Bug 2584] probable typo in example

[Bug 2599] [FT] adapt AllMatches normalization ( to TokenInfos with intervals

[Bug 2600] [FT] adapt fts:ApplyFTWordsPhrase ( to new TokenInfo interval semantics

[Bug 2601] [FT] adapt graphics in section 4 to TokenInfo with intervals

[Bug 2610] Is an invalid character reference a parse error?

[Bug 2611] xqueryx: trivial embedding (esp CDATA sections)

[Bug 2613] namespace-alias and #default

[F&O] 1.2 error in example

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