[F&O] 14.1.3 fn:namespace-uri can no longer return a string

In F&O 14.1.3, namespace-uri was changed to return an xs:anyURI instead 
of an xs:string. The sentence "If $arg is the empty sequence, the 
zero-length string is returned" is no longer valid. There may be other 
occurrences of this in the document where xs:string was changed to 

In similar cases (11.2.3) the signature is xs:anyURI?.

So either:
fn:namespace-uri() as xs:anyURI?
fn:namespace-uri($arg as node()?) as xs:anyURI?

If $arg is the empty sequence, the empty sequence returned.

fn:namespace-uri() as xs:anyURI
fn:namespace-uri($arg as node()?) as xs:anyURI

If $arg is the empty sequence, xs:anyURI("") is returned.


Received on Wednesday, 8 September 2004 21:00:29 UTC