RE: [Serial] additional last call comment about xml:lang

At 10:07 04/05/25 +0100, Michael Kay wrote:

> > I seem to remember that James Clark at one point said that having
> > a feature to recursively invoke XSLT (in this case on its output)
> > would easily solve this problem.
>You can now indeed invoke one XSLT template to process the output of
>another. This is the multi-pass solution that I showed you.

Hello Michael,

Are you saying that this can indeed be done with a single invocation
of an XSLT implementation, with a single stylesheet? Your use of
"pre-processing phase" and so on in your previous mail wasn't
totally clear on this, at least not for me.

If this is true, it would be very nice, and I would assume that our
WG would then be very happy with the result. For our reference, can
you please either point to the section in the spec where this
multi-pass thing is described, or can you resend the code in
your earlier mail with some framework code added that shows how
to define the various passes?

Regards,    Martin.

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