RE: [Serial] I18N WG last call comments

> >There
> >are many ways that we allow XSLT stylesheets to generate 
> non-conformant
> >HTML, and I don't see that this one is particularly 
> different from the
> >others.
> Could you point to a list of these, or list (some of) them here?

For example:

* you can produce elements and attributes that aren't defined in HTML

* you can nest elements in ways that aren't allowed in HTML

* you can give attributes values that aren't allowed in HTML

* you can use any system ID and public ID that you like in the doctype

* you can use disable-output-escaping (or now character maps) to produce any
kind of garbage that takes your fancy

* you can suppress the escaping of URIs in URI-valued attributes

* you can suppress the generation of the META element defining the character
encoding or generate your own that contains a value unrelated to the true
character encoding

All these features are occasionally useful either to exploit non-standard
features in browsers, or to generate output designed for processing by
software other than HTML browsers.

Michael Kay

Received on Monday, 24 May 2004 16:06:20 UTC