RE: [XQuery] SAG-XQ-004 Unordered

> The one thing that isn't clear to me from the minutes is 
> whether this syntactic treacle is being added to XPath as 
> well as XQuery. (If so, it would be the first use of curly 
> braces within XPath, which seems a bit unfortunate.)

I took another look at the minutes after pressing Send, and it is perfectly
plain that the new syntax is NOT being added to XPath. Can't see how I
missed it the first time.

I can't speak for Software AG, of course. The proposal was asking for the
functionality to be made simpler and more consistent with "order by", and
the response was to make it much more complicated and to leave it
inconsistent. I will try to remember this in future when raising proposals
to simplify things.

Michael Kay

Received on Saturday, 8 May 2004 04:42:41 UTC