Fw: [XQuery] SAG-XQ-005 Serializing Arbitrary Sequences


     In [1] Michael Kay submitted the following comment from Software AG.

Michael Kay wrote on 2003-11-27 06:56:34 AM:
> SAG-XQ-005 Serializing Arbitrary Sequences 
> We don't think that the mechanism for serializing an arbitrary 
> sequence described in section 2 of the Serialization specification 
> meets any known user requirement.
> We do think that there is a requirement for an interoperable 
> serialization format for an arbitrary sequence, and that this should
> be defined. We think that the requirement is for a format that wraps
> each item in the sequence in an XML wrapper providing information 
> about the type, the value, and in the case of nodes, the name of the
> node. For example, an attribute node might be serialized as
> <res:attribute name="my:att" type="my:shoesize" value="7.3"/> 
> In the case of elements and documents, the tree rooted at that node 
> would be serialized. The format would be extensible to allow 
> implementation-defined attributes that represent the identity of 
> nodes, allowing the information to be used for a subsequent update, 
> or for creating hyperlinks.
> (Note, technically we are talking here about a representation of an 
> arbitrary sequence in the form of a document. Serializing that 
> document is entirely orthogonal).

     Thanks to Michael and Software AG for raising the comment.

     The XSL and XQuery working groups considered this comment and related 
comments.  There was general agreement that there is some need for a 
mechanism for serializing arbitrary sequences that preserves most or all 
of the properties of the items in an arbitrary sequence that is being 

     However, the working groups decided that precisely defining all of 
the requirements for such a mechanism at this stage would be difficult, 
and would likely lead to a solution that would not satisfy real user 
requirements.  Therefore, the working groups decided to consider such a 
feature for a future revision of the recommendations, and close this 
comment without any changes to the specifications.

     May I ask you to confirm that this resolution is acceptable?


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