RE: [Serialization] SCHEMA-J

> Editorial
> [J] [Section 6.5 HTML Output Method] Encoding states that 
> [style-1] "then unless the include-content-type parameter is 
> present and has the value "no"" But, for all other 
> parameters, the style is [style-2] "If the xxx parameter has 
> the value yes". We have a preference for [style-2]. For 
> consistency, we request you to recast the sentence in Section 
> 6.5 using [style-2].
> On behalf of the XML Schema WG.
> 	-- Mary

Yes. There are a few phrases like this that predate the separation of
the serialization spec from XSLT, and that make assumptions about the
default values of parameters: the theory is that defaults should be
defined in the XSLT specification, not here, but this has not always
been carried through.

Michael Kay (speaking personally)

Received on Friday, 13 February 2004 04:55:06 UTC