RE: [Serialization] SCHEMA-A

Seems a good idea in principle. The types as listed aren't quite right,
for example standalone is xs:boolean? rather than xs:boolean, but this
only adds to the argument for formalising them.

Michael Kay (personal response)

> Technical
> [A] [Section 3: Serialization Parameters] This section 
> outlines 15 serialization parameters. These parameters have 
> informal descriptions - such as 'The value must be yes or 
> no', etc. It is possible to describe all the parameters, 
> except 'use-character-maps', using XML Schema data types. 
> Suggested descriptions are,
>  encoding: a new datatype derived from 'xs:string'
>  cdata-section-element: a list of 'xs:QName'
>  doctype-system: a new datatype derived from 'xs:string'
>  doctype-public: a new datatype derived from 'xs:string'
>  escape-uri-attributes: 'xs:boolean'
>  include-content-type: 'xs:boolean'
>  indent: 'xs:boolean'
>  media-type: a new datatype derived from 'xs:string'
>  normalize-unicode: 'xs:boolean'
>  omit-xml-declaration: 'xs:boolean'
>  standalone: 'xs:boolean'
>  undeclare-namespaces: 'xs:boolean'
>  version: a new datatype derived from 'xs:string'
>  use-character-maps: NONE (see related issue, [N])
>  method: 'xs:QName'
> On behalf of the XML Schema WG.
> 	-- Mary

Received on Friday, 13 February 2004 04:49:30 UTC