RE: [Serialization] IBM-SE-012: Version parameter

I think the view of the XSL working group was that we should leave it to
the implementor to decide which versions of XML to support. It would be
commercial suicide for a vendor not to support XML 1.0 in a 2004
product, but by 2010 the situation may look different, and we want our
spec to be durable.
Michael Kay

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Subject: [Serialization] IBM-SE-012: Version parameter

Serialization Section 4.1, "XML Output Method: the version Parameter":
This section contains the words "If the processor does not support this
version of XML ...". This seems to imply that support for XML versions
is an optional feature. We should clearly specify the requirements in
this area. Possibly support for XML 1.0 is required and support for XML
1.1 is an optional feature that should be included on our optional
feature list? 

--Don Chamberlin

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