RE: [Serialization] IBM-SE-009: Discarding of type annotations

I agree the wording of the note could be improved. The intent is to say
that type annotations are not retained through serialization, and if
this causes a problem, the user can include xsi:type or
xsi:schemaLocation attributes in the result tree, which will cause type
annotations to be reconstituted when the serialized document is
re-parsed. The serializer will never add these attributes itself. (Well,
there's no ban on an implementor adding options to do this of course,
but it's not part of serialization as specified).
Michael Kay

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Subject: [Serialization] IBM-SE-009: Discarding of type annotations

Serialization Section 4, "XML Output Method": Bullet 5 says that type
annotations are discarded during serialization. The note just below this
bullet says that type annotations are optionally preserved during
serialization. Which is true? If type annotations are optionally
preserved, how is this option controlled? Is it implementation-defined,
or controlled by a serialization parameter? It would be very helpful to
have a note or example to illustrate how (and when) type annotations are
serialized in the form of xsi:type attributes. 

Also, the note below Bullet 5 is very awkwardly phrased. If retained,
this note should be condensed as follows: "In order to preserve type
annotations, the serialization process could use mechanisms such as
xsi:type and xsi:schemaLocation attributes." 

--Don Chamberlin 

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