[Serial] I18N WG last call comments [24] (qt-2004Feb0362-21)

Martin, François.

     In [1] Martin submitted the following comment on the Last Call 
Working Draft of XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization on behalf of the 
I18N working group:

[24] Cases of creation of non-wellformed XML where the processor is not
   required to signal an error: It would be good to have an option to
   request well-formedness checking even if Character Maps are used.

     In [2], I announced the following decision on behalf of the XSL and 
XML Query Working Groups:

     The XSL and XQuery Working Groups discussed the comment, and 
concluded that, although such a mechanism might be useful, an XML
parser would be capable of performing the same well-formedness
checking.  On those grounds, the working groups decided it was
not necessary to duplicate that functionality in Serialization.

     In [3], François raised the following objection on behalf of I18N:

We are not satisfied with this resolution.  We feel that 1) 
well-formedness is very important ; 2) using a parser to check it is 
just a possible implementation strategy and 3) that this strategy may 
not even be available when serializing to other than a local file, e.g. 
to a network socket.

     The XSL and XML Query Working Groups discussed this issue further, 
and concluded that requiring a serialization component to be capable of 
detecting XML that was not well-formed in the presence of character maps 
would be too much of an implementation burden on a serializer.  The 
working groups also noted that there is no interoperability problem with 
this resolution, and that an implementation could always add an 
implementation-specific option that would perform the sort of checking 
that has I18N suggested.

     Finally, the XSL and XQuery Working Groups noted that the last 
paragraph of Section 5 of the most recent draft of Serialization [4] 
indicates that only character maps and the use of user-written extension 
functions might result in the creation of XML that is not well-formed.  In 
fact it is only character maps that might result in XML that is not 
well-formed without being detected.  The working groups will correct that 



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