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RE: xslt2 complexity

From: Kay, Michael <Michael.Kay@softwareag.com>
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 07:56:27 +0200
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> Personally, I've been hesitating for close to year about 
> whether moving from DTDs to Schemas really buys me anything. 
I agree with you that not everyone needs schemas. For most of my own ad-hoc
uses of XML (including preparation of W3C specs) I don't use them myself -
though the DTD's we use are becoming so elaborate that perhaps we should.
But as XML becomes used more and more for information storage and as the
middleware for building distributed applications, I think it's clear to a
lot of people that you need to get your information models under control,
and that's what schemas are for.
> The second para, asking what has been gained by the wait,
> is also a good summary. The support for schema in the XSLT
> list appears minimal on the mulberrytech list, its benefits
> are minimal in the world of XSLT for a large majority,

As I explained in response to another comment, I think we're doing two
things with XSLT 2.0: we're adding a lot of useful functionality in direct
response to user experience with 1.0, and we're extending the range of
application of the language (its scaleability, if you like) by putting in a
stronger underpinning in the type system. We are conscious that for many of
the existing applications of the language, this doesn't necessarily add
immediate value. We are also aware that the process of bringing together two
working groups has caused far more delay than we would have liked. We're not
complacent, but we're all confident that the alternative, of allowing XSLT
and XQuery and XML Schema to go their separate ways, would have been doing a
far greater disservice to the user community.

Michael Kay
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