Re: additional output for link checker

On 6/30/06, Ville Skyttä <> wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-06-30 at 11:28 +0900, olivier Thereaux wrote:
> > I'm not sure if you have had time to follow the recent discussions on
> > this list about the work on a unified tool/framework/format for
> > conformance and other observations, which Damien and Jean-Gui have
> > been making rapid progress on.
> I've skimmed through the messages, but haven't had time to dig into the
> documentation, so apart from the basic ideas, my knowledge about this is
> very limited at the moment.
> > I was wondering if you had any thought on the matter? Do you think
> > templates would be a good idea, or not adapted to the link checker at
> > current?
> Before I can form an opinion about templatization, I'd need to know what
> kind of output would be needed; could you provide a really short summary
> of that or let me know where to find it online if available?

You can find a description of the output we need here:
As you can see it is a simple xml document which contains lists of
errors, warnings and miscellaneous messages. There can be several
lists of each type, one per document checked. For example, if the
link-checker performs a recursive check (I don't know if it actually
does), you will have one list of errors per document.
There is also a "passed" tag to indicate if the document successfully
passed the test. For the link-checker, I don't exactly know what this
would mean, but we can imagine that this markup is set to 'true' if
there are no links giving 404 error.
"200 OK" links could go in a miscmessagelist, ...

I hope this is a good summary, let me know if you need more information.


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