Re: Syncing charset overrides in detailed/results forms

On 12 Feb 2006, at 19:12, Ville Skyttä wrote:
> Hm, I wonder what user base does the Latin* names serve, maybe use the
> less formal and human friendlier names (eg. "North European")  
> everywhere
> where available?  For example
> contains a list; I don't know if there's an official one available
> somewhere.

I've commited a small change today, using (Latin X, Common Name)  
where applicable. Also moved "Baltic Rim" back to iso-8859-13.

Doing a few tests, I noticed that:

* 0.7.2 does not seem to support transcoding to iso-8859-3,  
iso-8859-4 and iso-ir-111. 0.7.1 neither, although the claim to  
support iso-ir-111 is something added to 0.7.2. Would it be because  
of the version of Text::Iconv on qa-dev and HEAD  
uses Encode and has a different list of supported charsets, though it  
does not seem to support iso-ir-111. 

> Yep, I noticed and smuggled in a couple of small other fixes,  
> ChangeLog
> in Wiki is up to date :)

Good. I am copying the changelog into whatsnew.html now.


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