Re: [check] added site/comma tools

Olivier Thereaux <> wrote:

>I've added site tools to the httpd config. I have not tagged it so that
>we can discuss it (if needed) and enable it in next beta.

Great! Thanks Olivier.

>,cvs ,cvslog

How about ,blame for the "cvs annotate" output? And perhaps an equivalent
to recent-commits -- ,cvsci ? -- but limited to the /validator tree?

>shows the /httpd/cgi-bin tree if called from check or checklink

Why not show the history for these?

>I think I'll create a small page a la,tools to explain
>those (and then I'll add ",tools") next week. (I plan to take some time
>to work on the doc next week, and this fits in...)

Ah, better and better. He does docs too! :-)

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