[check] added site/comma tools


I've added site tools to the httpd config. I have not tagged it so that  
we can discuss it (if needed) and enable it in next beta.

The comma tools I have added are :
,text ,validate ,checklink ,checklinks ,rchecklink ,rchecklinks ,tablin  
,detab ,headers
(these are "vanilla" and work as at W3C's main site)

,cvs ,cvslog
For these (they do the same thing) it either:
	- shows the /httpd/cgi-bin tree if called from check or checklink
	- shows the file CVS history otherwise

I think I'll create a small page a la http://www.w3.org,tools to  
explain those (and then I'll add ",tools") next week. (I plan to take  
some time to work on the doc next week, and this fits in...)

If you have any comment, other tools you think are worth adding,  
please... if not, FYI.


Received on Thursday, 31 October 2002 00:05:31 UTC