Re: [check] Public Bugzilla?

Hi Terje, All.

On Saturday, Oct 26, 2002, at 04:52 Asia/Tokyo, Terje Bless wrote:
> One caveat with a public bug database would be that we'd need the 
> access
> controls to work as we want them to; so Joe R. Webduhsigner can't
> accidentally or maliciously close a bug, change milestone goals,
> assignments, or wreak other havoc. Having the ability for anyone to 
> create
> bugs, confirm bugs, or add comments would be very good.

Hmm, yes, a read-only bugzilla may certainly be less useful, but at 
least it would be better than nothing at all. However, I believe 
bugzilla is flexible enough, and we could give "visitors" the proper 
rights while avoiding abuses. ...Or maybe not, at least the group 
editor does not seem flexible enough.

> However, there is also a question of what the intention behind this
> Bugzilla is.

My plan would be to use it for public bug tracking of public QA 
software dev.
If other things don't fit, then they look for another bugzilla. Simple 

>  A public Bugzilla is far too usefull to let it get shot down by the
> mere theoretical possibility that some other mode of operation /may/ be
> needed at some point in the future.

+1. Definitely.

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