Accounts on qa-dev / status of contributors

Hi all,

As I wrote earlier, I didn't have time to finish installing things on 
the dev box, but feel now is a good time to start using it.

So here we go. Please read everything carefully, there are important 

Technical details
The box is a bi pIII-550, 256M ram, and a hardware raid1 box with two 
40G HDD.
Currently installed is debian unstable, not much more.
The box is pretty much standalone in the w3 network, and is hosted in 

I'll create everyone(on this list)'s account on monday (2002-10-28).
Nick, I need your ssh (v1) public key to create your account.

Status of contributors
We should clarify everyone's status.
The situation is clear for W3C Team members, but for "contributors" it 
was not clear until now.

Tools development contributors are a special instance of collaborators, 
as defined in [1]. Collaborators are usually in the member realm and 
dealing with W3C core business, specifications, whereas here, it is 
public and about software, hence the collaborator agreement is not 
immediatly applicable.
However, what is applicable :
	- point 1,2,3,4,5 of collaborator agreement [1]
	- software contribution agreement [2]

I need a mail (sent to this list for the record) from all contributors 
not alredy involved by contract in W3C activities, that you have read 
and agreed to the points above.


That should be enough to have a clearer status for dev contributors.

Thank you.
Olivier Thereaux - W3C - QA : |

Received on Thursday, 24 October 2002 22:29:19 UTC