Re: [check] Status and Progress

Karl Dubost <> wrote:

>>That's probably more then enough to completely destabilize the code for
>>a good clip so if anyone thinks we ought be a bit more carefull now is
>>the time to holler before I go wild. :-)
>Is there a way to pull out piece by piece? or is it better to restart
>from scratch. If it's the second solution is it better to create a new
>CVS tree to maintain it?

I think perhaps restructuring CVS may be a good idea in any case. The
current CVS reflects a "dump" of a server layout that hasn't been relevant
for some time now (in particular, the httpd.conf is way out of sync with
reality), and I know Ville has some good ideas in this area.

It's not really necessary of course; there is no reason why we couldn't
just keep going in current CVS on a branch.

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