Re: [check] Status and Progress

At 21:38 +0200 2002-10-16, Terje Bless wrote:
>And speaking of the next version...
>them. And, for extra kicks, I want to strip out all embedded/hardcoded HTML
>snippets from the code and replacing them with a templating system
>(probably i18n-ing the validator in the process).

I think it's a very good idea that will help to make it more 
international and more flexible. Exactly like the CSS validator, it 
will open the door to help mesages in french, german, etc.

>That's probably more then enough to completely destabilize the code for a
>good clip so if anyone thinks we ought be a bit more carefull now is the
>time to holler before I go wild. :-)

Is there a way to pull out piece by piece? or is it better to restart 
from scratch. If it's the second solution is it better to create a 
new CVS tree to maintain it?

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