Re: Bug Fixes Management (bugzilla / dev box)

On Wednesday, Oct 23, 2002, at 21:47 Asia/Tokyo, Terje Bless wrote:
>> Is it possible to fill a page with each time a bug has been filed by
>> someone on the list.
> If we're to have this -- and I do think it would be a very very good 
> idea
> -- the two options I see are:
>     1) a W3C general but public Bugzilla, or...
>     b) a Validator-specific Bugzilla.

b) seems to be the way to go (for good or bad). We can put it on the 
dev box (as Ville said), but unfortunately I've been too busy to work 
on the box. I think I'll change my plan and provide accounts without 
having installed all I wanted to install, so that you can start working 
on the dev box soon.

ETA next week.

> If push comes to shove, I can probably find a box and set it up here. 
> But I
> don't know that I can committ to hosting "The W3C Validator Bug 
> Tracker" on
> a permanent basis.

If it is urgent and want to host it for a week or two (because of the 
beta), go ahead, we can export the data to the dev box when it's ready. 
No need to host the service longer.


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