Re: [check][logval] automating validator's testing using logvalidator

At 12:08 +0900 2002-10-22, Olivier Thereaux wrote:
>Simple (very basic) use of the logval to test the validator would be 
>to run both ("should be valid" and "should be invalid") lists 
>through it and check "by hand" that the results are correct. 
>Refinements could include analysis of the results, diff-ing the 
>results for tests run on the prod validator and on the tested 
>instance, etc.
>P.S: logvalidator at

I think we'll have to verify and check the test.

A test can be an invalid HTML file or a valid HTML file. So we'll 
have correct and incorrect file so this is the association of URIs + 
Result which will be meaningful.

	1=Valid				Y= Success
	0=Invalid			N= Failed
	validity	Validator	Passed
  uri1	0  		0		Y
  uri2   1  		1		Y
  uri3	0		1		N
  uri4	1		0		N

This Test suite is crucial for the reliability of the HTML validator 
for different reasons:
	People who own website
	TR/ space at W3C, the HTML validator is one of his main tool.

I think a mention, when the validator is released, must be made about 
the fact that it has been verified against the Test Suite xxx.

A mini process for TS should be done too. Something light but that 
will help to maintain the test files.

Karl Dubost / W3C - Conformance Manager

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