Re: [checklink] New location for doc page

Ville Skyttä <> wrote:

>Ok, I'll put the page to CVS as outlined above, then.  Proxying might
>not work if (when?) I update the page to take advantage of Validator's
>SSI things but that's not at the top of my todo list.

What makes you think Proxying won't work? Last-Modified? That's supposed to
work even if this is SSI (that's what XBitHack is for (among other things).

On a slightly different note, I think it would probably be usefull to
integrate checklink and check more on As it is they seem to be
two completely different tools despite being linked at the hip in CVS.

Longer term I still think the brunt of both should be made into modules and
let CGI switches decide what gets output froma single CGI application. But
until we get there, perhaps we could look at integrating the web sites (the
*.html files, basically)? Combined docs, and perhaps two Submit buttons for
the same FORM field ("Check Markup" and "Check Links")?

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