Re: [EPUB Roadmap] EPUB3 Justification call

Yes, I checked with Laurent.
It’s ok.
Will you open the call ?

Le 23 juin 2018 à 15:49, Garth Conboy <<>> a écrit :

Thanks Luc.

What call-in?  The EDRlab GotoMeeting that we use two hours later for the Publishing WG call?


On Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 2:24 AM AUDRAIN LUC <<>> wrote:
The PBG EPUB Roadmap Task Force will have a call on Monday June 25th at 14UTC [1] to work on EPUB3 Justification.

Background: see the corresponding mail thread initiated by Liisa[2] and June 5th PBG call minutes[3].

Here is an agenda:

  *   Preparing a white paper to gather all justifications to move to EPUB3 and stop producing EPUB2

  *   Defining a "basic" profile of EPUB 3: impact (positive/negative) on low-end eInk readers

  *   Gathering all communications channels to push that white paper in any language

This effort has to be synchronized in proper time with EPUB3.2 and epubcheck new release announcement to maximize the effect.

Rick Wright offered to help on the white paper but any help is welcome.





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