EPUB 3 Justification

Hello colleagues-

I need your help with something. I have an imprint with client publisher who is still producing EPUB 2. We have been working with all of our clients to get to 100% EPUB 3x for newly produced ebooks. But this particular imprint doesn’t see any value in changing their workflow to do something different than what they are currently doing.

-          We note that their ability to control navigation would be better.

o    They say that their books are relatively simple and retailers are interpreting the ncx fine

-           We note that they would have more robust formatting options.

o    Again, the content is simple and what they have is fine

-          We note that this is where the marketplace is going.

o    They want to know if any retailers have given a date when they will stop accepting EPUB2

-          We point out that it would make their books accessible.

o    They say that no one is requiring this and it isn’t a legal obligation in the US

These rebuttals are pretty legitimate. This all goes to the PR campaign for supporting and getting wide adoption for EPUB 3x that we were discussing a month or so back.

What other arguments are there? How do we convince people to adopt the latest generation of ebook formatting so that we can all move beyond the limitations of EPUB 2?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.


Liisa McCloy-Kelley
VP, Director Ebook Product Development & Innovation, PRH


Received on Wednesday, 23 May 2018 11:33:13 UTC