Re: Increasing the gap between web and publishing or unifying them?

Hi, yes the active commitment of the publishing community in the CSS WG 
is a MUST (if I may say). Bernhard

Am 08.06.2017 um 07:18 schrieb Florian Rivoal:
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>> First, we  should provide a detailed prioritized requirement list
>> and request the CSS WG to address them.
> I would like to add one thing to this. We (as the publishing 
> community) should not *just* request the CSS WG to address them. We 
> should join the CSS WG and be part of the team addressing it.
> The CSS WG is not a "them" to which we should make requests and then 
> wait for solutions.
> The CSS WG (like all other WGs in the W3C) is a place for us to work 
> with others to solve our common problems.
> Dave Cramer's experience in that regards is something to learn from 
> (Dave, correct me if I'm off). I think his proactive actions in the 
> CSS WG have accomplished much more than what the CSS WG would have 
> done if it had only been told about uses cases and requirements 
> without having anyone to actually drive the features AND it has 
> accomplished more than what Dave could have done in isolation from the 
> —Florian

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