Re: Increasing the gap between web and publishing or unifying them?

> On Jun 8, 2017, at 09:49, MURATA Makoto <> wrote:
> First, we  should provide a detailed prioritized requirement list 
> and request the CSS WG to address them.

I would like to add one thing to this. We (as the publishing community) should not *just* request the CSS WG to address them. We should join the CSS WG and be part of the team addressing it.

The CSS WG is not a "them" to which we should make requests and then wait for solutions.

The CSS WG (like all other WGs in the W3C) is a place for us to work with others to solve our common problems.

Dave Cramer's experience in that regards is something to learn from (Dave, correct me if I'm off). I think his proactive actions in the CSS WG have accomplished much more than what the CSS WG would have done if it had only been told about uses cases and requirements without having anyone to actually drive the features AND it has accomplished more than what Dave could have done in isolation from the CSS WG.


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