Re: Proposal for carrying forward accessibility work in W3C publishing groups

Avneesh and George,

Your proposal looks sensible to me.  You wrote "To address the
valid concerns of lower significance of deliverables of community
groups, the accessibility specifications should become ISO standard
and should be aggressively promoted by The Publishing Business Group."

First, do you mean a standard or a technical specifiation?  EPUB 3
is now a collection of technical specifications.

Second, which ISO committee do you have in mind?  EPUB 3 is
handled by ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/JWG7, which is a joint working
group by SC34, IEC TC100, and ISO TC46.  But WCAG2.0
was submitted by W3C to JTC1 as a PAS submission.

I am sure that ISO/IEC JTC1/SC34/JWG7 will weclome this work,
although has no accessibility experts.  Although I am not an
accessibility expert yet, I can probably help the procedural part.


2017-04-07 23:04 GMT+09:00 Avneesh Singh <>:

> Dear Publishing Business group members,
> In our meeting at London, George and I were given task to propose the way
> forward for accessibility work in W3C publishing groups.
> We have discussed various aspects and prepared a document, the same is
> attached for further discussions and decisions.
> The chairs may schedule the discussion in our conference calls if they
> feel appropriate.
> With regards
> Avneesh


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