Re: prov-wg teleconference agenda

Hi Luc and others,

It's possible I won't make the call this week, since I have exam
supervision tomorrow afternoon, and I can't be sure it'll be done in time.

The current status of the PROV-Dictionary document is this:
- Reviews are done (thanks reviewers), and all blocking issues are
resolved, so the document is ready for publication. (after staging it in
the proper format)
- XSD, OWL and grammar will be available on the editor's draft space to
allow ourselves to correct mistakes. (non-TR)
- One issue (non-blocking) remains: Include the folowing constraint or not:
IF hadMember(d, e) and 'prov:Dictionary' \in typeOf(d) THEN
hadDictionaryMember(d, e, "k") with "k" an unknown key


2013/1/30 Luc Moreau <>

> Dear all,
> This week's teleconference agenda can be found at:
> A scribe is required. Please contact me.
> Regards,
> Luc
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