Update on implementations of prov

Hi All,

I've gone through the implementation surveys and seen where we were with
respect to our CR exit criteria.

- We have implementations reported from 8 different organizations.

- When reading the implementation report it's important to recognize that
southampton has reported 7 different implementations.

- For PROV-O we have met the first part of the exit criteria that all
constructs are supported by at least two independent implementations
(ProvToolbox, PROVoKing)

- For PROV-O we still need one pair of implementations to exchange
provenance information for all constructs.

- For PROV-N we only have two organizations that report supporting PROV-N
(Southampton, and WebLab-PROV). However, weblab prov does not support many
constructs and I'm not clear if WebLab does indeed support prov-n .

- For PROV-Constraints, we only have one implementation reported that
passes all tests.

We'll discuss how to address the gaps today on the call.


Received on Thursday, 17 January 2013 14:02:10 UTC