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Following yesterday's telecon, I've updated PROV-AQ along the lines discussed. 
In the process, a couple of points came clearer to me:

1. What we've been calling a "provenance service" is actually a provenance query 
service - with a very simple query protocol.  Accordingly, I've changed the 
descriptions and prov: namespace names.  I think the resulting document actually 
reflects quite well the distinction between direct access to provenance and 
provenance query services, so I suggest the current document name is actually 

2. The provenance query service type is *not* a superclass of the individual 
query mechanism types (direct HTTP and SPARQL) - the relationship here is more 
akin to FRBR Work and Expression rather than one of generalization.  I think 
this may be why Tim and I were taking different positions on the use of types; 
we were considering different usage (discovery vs mechanism selection).


Thus, the current document has been updated as follows:

changeset:   5381:a374c48027b9
user:        Graham Klyne
date:        Fri Jan 04 13:26:13 2013 +0000
files:       paq/prov-aq.html
Separate prov:DirectQueryService (specific mechanism) from 
prov:ProvenanceQueryService (generic)

changeset:   5380:7b4580bd6d52
user:        Graham Klyne
date:        Fri Jan 04 13:11:24 2013 +0000
files:       paq/prov-aq.html
Fix some section cross-references; rename 'prov:hasProvenanceService' as 

changeset:   5379:f00efdbb4f6e
user:        Graham Klyne
date:        Fri Jan 04 13:03:57 2013 +0000
files:       paq/prov-aq.html
Reorganize provenance query service description to accommodate SPARQL (ISSUE 
601); 'rename provenance service' as 'provenance query service'; rename 
'prov:ProvenanceService' as 'prov:ProvenanceQueryService'


The structural changes are mainly in section 4: I've reorganized the material to 
reflect the more distinctly the roles of service description and specific 

The name and terminology changes have been applied throughout the document, 
along with some editorial changes to better reflected the nature of the services 
referenced by the Link: headers, etc.   But beyond name changes, I don't think 
there are any substantive changes to content in this up-date outside section 4.


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