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I had one minor comment which I forgot to make before:

> This section enumerates the PROV-DM terms [PROV-DM] that are consumed (), produced (), or both consumed and produced () by a particular implementation.

Could you swap the colors of "produced" and "both", so that "consumed" is blue, "produced" is yellow, and "both consumed and produced" is green?  This is entirely cometic/trivial, but:

- blue + yellow combine to make green (in subtractive/pigment-based color schemes anyway), whereas blue + green don't combine to make yellow in any color system

- "both" is the best outcome in the table, so it would be nicer for it to be green than yellow.


On Feb 19, 2013, at 11:11 AM, Paul Groth <> wrote:

> Hi All,
> Thanks to Luc and Simon for their comments.
> I've updated the implementation report at
> I also created a page as requested by Luc to enumerate exactly how we meet each exit criteria here:
> This is linked from the implementation report.
> Note: Dong will rerun the scripts tomorrow to update the report in terms of totals so this is your last chance to get included :-)
> Thanks
> Paul
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