Re: PROV-XML element ordering

Hi Curt,

Does the schema  now impose an order on prov "attributes"?

Without order, I have failed to define an object mapping (with jaxb) that is useful from an OO perspective. Likewise, i have not managed to define a meaningful ORM mapping. Now, this is my experience with these tools, maybe somebody has succeeded.

In summary, The problem I encountered is as follows. If there is a choice (instead of sequence) between say, prov:type, prov:location, prov:label, all these elements are mapped to a single java method or a single sql column. This results in non natural code or SQL queries.

Because of this, my preference is to keep these in a sequence. It does not at all reduce expressivity, I think.

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On 5 Feb 2013, at 01:17, "Curt Tilmes" <> wrote:

> Last week, we also briefly mentioned the PROV-XML element
> ordering issue, described here:
> Are there strong opinions about changing anything (either
> arguments, or attributes or anything else from the way it
> is now?
> Tracker, this is ISSUE-572.
> Curt

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