prov-links review for FPWD (ISSUE-604/ACTION-135)

Dear all,

At F2F4, we agreed that mentionOf would be put in a separate
note [1] [2].

Find a first draft of prov-links (the document describing mentionOf) at [3].
It essentially contains material removed from CR-track document, with a 
short intro
in preamble.

Last week at the teleconference, we could not identify reviewers.

Could maybe Curt and Hook have a look? Graham also expressed interest
(for more work in that space)? And Paolo did a review of an earlier version.

Questions for the reviewers:
- Can this document be released as FPWD?
- If not, what are the blocking issues?
- If yes, are there other issues to work on?

The aim is to vote on FPWD release at the teleconference on Thursday.
Can you please confirm you can review the document ahead of the call?



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Received on Tuesday, 27 November 2012 12:03:29 UTC