PROV-AQ, ISSUE 601 and general status update



I've just applied an extensive series of edits to change "provenance 
information" to "provenance description".  This was not a simple search and 
replace. In some cases I have simply used the term "provenance" when I judged 
that the use in context was not specific to one or more descriptions.

It's possible there have been some knock-on changes I have missed.


As of writing this, there are just three open issues remaining: (review use of MUST/SHOULD/etc) (prov-aq OWL terms) (provenance serialization MIME types)

Issue 414 is a targeted review.  Issue 597 affects the OWL definition, not the 
document.  Issue 428 is awaiting feedback from the WG.

All the remaining open issues - about 15 of them: see - are now pending review.

As such, I submit that the PROV-AQ text is now substantially complete, unless 
issue 428 throws up any major changes.


Received on Monday, 26 November 2012 15:45:51 UTC