Re: Revised PROV-AQ

Hey Graham,

Based on your recent changes I closed ISSUE-359 ISSUE-360 and ISSUE-361 

I'm not entirely happy with the change that you did in the context of 
ISSUE-358 [1]. More precisely, I don't like the first part of the current 
definition of 'Resource' in Sec.1.1. This part says:
       "also referred to as resource on the Web"

I propose to completely remove this part because our understanding of 
'resource' (in line with the understanding in AWWW) is broader than just 
resources that are on the Web.



On Thursday 03 May 2012 18:42:54 Graham Klyne wrote:
> All,
> Since the teleconference today, I've made a couple of small further edits to
> address outstanding issues 360 and 361 (issues submitted by Olaf).
> The current version of the document is now:
> At this point, there are just two outstanding issues, which I think may have
> been rendered moot by other changes to the document and to the data model.
> This is what we are proposing to release as the next working draft.
> #g
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