PROV-ISSUE-371 (junzhao): timestamped provo.owl [PROV-O HTML]

PROV-ISSUE-371 (junzhao): timestamped provo.owl [PROV-O HTML]

Raised by: Jun Zhao
On product: PROV-O HTML

Can we talk  about when or whether we will have snapshots for our ontology, like  ProvenanceOntology-20120430.owl? Or achieve similar functionality via other mechanisms? 

Because our ontology is still work in progress, it is important to have the right ontology content associated with each prov-o spec public release or even work draft. 

I think this would be something really nice to have at least for this upcoming public release.

I am happy to discuss more on this.

-- Jun

Received on Tuesday, 1 May 2012 15:39:00 UTC