Re: Your feedback on pre-LC prov-o


I just checked this:
(1) would it be possible for term names to be included in the table of contents? 
  I found some aspects the document could be difficult to 
navigate/cross-reference in printed form.

"print-friendly index" that you're looking for. It is at the top of the document.

Unfortunately, this doesn't really help, as there's no obvious ordering of the 
terms.   (Ideally, they would be page-numbered, but I recognize that HTML isn't 
very good for that kind of thing (I'm surprised that after all these years, HTML 
still doesn't support ToC generation as standard).  The compromise I usually 
make is to have a table of contents that matches the document layout, with 
section numbering, so I can use that as a kind of "map".  That you don't 
section-number the individual term descriptions is part of my problem.)

This is just an editorial issue, and rather depends how much you care about 
usability of the spec in print form.


On 17/07/2012 18:45, Timothy Lebo wrote:
> Graham,
> I've finished responding to all of your feedback [1] to prov-o.
> reflects all changes.
> Please feel free to review our responses and the latest draft and make any more comments.
> You may indicate your dissatisfaction by changing the designation to REOPENED (see the beginning of the page).
> Regards,
> Tim
> [1]

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