Re: PROV-O telcon (Jan 23)

Hi Satya,
Paul and I are keen to try and resolve issue 225 before F2f2, which means we would like to make decisions on Thursday. This really requires input from the prov-o team. Can this item be moved to first position in the agenda? I will try to join the call for the first part.

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Hi all,
We will have our regular PROV-O meeting today (Jan 23) at 12:00noon US ET. We will use the Zakim bridge for the call +1.617.761.6200<tel:+1.617.761.6200>, conference 695 ("OWL") and the titanpad for taking notes.

The agenda for the call is:
1. Review progress on updating PROV-O to reflect changes in PROV-DM
2. Example scenarios for blog posts
3. Prov-Issue-225


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