PROV-ISSUE-228 (dgarijo): Prov-o & prov DM alignement [Ontology]

PROV-ISSUE-228 (dgarijo): Prov-o & prov DM alignement  [Ontology]

Raised by: Daniel Garijo
On product: Ontology

According to what we agreed, some actions are still to be made to the html doc:
* Remove Provenance Container
* Rename DependedOn to TracedTo
* Association qualified involvements are missing
* Qualified Derivation missing (steps could be addressed without qualified Involvement, but what about the attributes of the derivation (time, etc.)?
* wasControlledBy, wasEventuallyDerivedFrom, dependedOn,  hadParticipant  and wasScheduledAfter properties should be removed from  prov-o. 

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Received on Friday, 20 January 2012 15:46:29 UTC