PROV-ISSUE-226 (dgarijo): domain of the qualifiedDelegation property? [Ontology]

PROV-ISSUE-226 (dgarijo): domain of the qualifiedDelegation property? [Ontology]

Raised by: Daniel Garijo
On product: Ontology

actedOnBehalfOf is a n-ary relationship, since you can relate 2 agents and an activity. I have named the n-ary relationship "Delegation", since (as Khalid suggested), it implies the notion of responsability between 2 agents.

All the other qualifiedInvolvements have as domain an activity. We could have the activity as domain for qualifiedDelegation too, but in this case the activity is optional, so it might not be the best approach.

If we decide that the domain is an Agent, then we would need a "hadQualifiedActivity" property to link the optional activity which one of the agents is controlling on behalf of the other. The second agent could be linked with the existent hadQualifiedEntity.

Summary: if we choose the first option, it would be a wrong modeling IMO. If we choose the second option, we would need an extra property and now one of the qualified involvements would have Agents as domain. I've commited the delegation section in the html doc, but without any examples until we agree on this.

Received on Friday, 20 January 2012 15:28:44 UTC