PROV-ISSUE-225 (objects-in-universe-of-discourse): What are the objects in the universe of discourse? [prov-dm]

PROV-ISSUE-225 (objects-in-universe-of-discourse): What are the objects in the universe of discourse? [prov-dm]

Raised by: Luc Moreau
On product: prov-dm

On Jan 19 2012, we agreed on a proposal related to identifiers and objects in the universe of discourse [1]:

"*All* objects of discourse ("entities") MUST be identifiable by all participants in discourse. Object descriptions ("entity records" and otherwise) SHOULD use an unambiguous identifier (either reusing an existing identifier, or introducing a new identifier) for the objects described." (intent)

To make progress on the front of identifiers (ISSUE-183, ISSUE-215), we agreed that we would discuss what the objects of the universe of discourse are. The purpose of this issue is to address this question.

Here are a list of object types we can find in the document. Note that some have not been exactly named as such. Feel free to add any missing here.  


Entity (including its subtypes Agent, Plan, Collection, ...)



Events: Entity Usage event, Entity Generation Event, Activity Start Event, Activity End event


Association (between activity and agent, cf wasAssociatedWith)
and its subtypes:
  StartAssociation (wasStartedBy)
  EndAssociation (wasEndedBy)

"ResponsibilityChain" (between agent and agent, wrt activity, cf actedOnBehalfOf)

Specialization (specializationOf)

Alternative (alternateOf)

Annotation (hasAnnotation)

Traceability (tracedTo)

ActivityOrdering (wasInformedBy and wasStartedBy)

Revision (wasRevisionOf)

Attribution (wasAttributedTo)

Quotation (wasQuoteFrom)

Summary (wasSummaryOf)

Original Source (hadOriginalSource)


Event ordering constraint (e.g  start event precedes the end event)

 e.g. Entity Record (as opposed to Entity listed above)

In particular:

Account Record

Is there a notion of Account (as opposed to account record)

Record container



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