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> I think of alternateOf as non-functional and transitive, which gives us
> "clusters of alternates". We may later decide that it is convenient to add
> properties that make a set of alternates into a lattice.

No, not transitive.

entity(customerOnRedChair, [prov:location="the red chair in the cafe"])

specializationOf(paoloInCafe, paolo)
specializationOf(stianInCafe, stian)

alternateOf(paoloInCafe, customerOnRedChair)
alternateOf(stianInCafe, customerOnRedChair)

but we probably don't want to then infer:
alternateOf(paoloInCafe, stianInCafe)

and certainly not:
alternateOf(paolo, stian)

.. neither did overlap the old characterisation intervals, and are
different 'things' in the world.

however, if Paolo and Stian did not sit anywhere else but in the red
chair, we can also have:

customerOnRedChair)specializationOf(stianInCafe, customerOnRedChair)
this implies that for the duration of paoloInCafe, it was also

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