Re: Formal semantics draft

>> 3. Used or Generated don't seem to have activities. It seems
>>  counter-intuitive.  Can you clarify?
> I'm also not sure I understand this question.  There was a typo in the discussion of generation
> which I have fixed, but both Generation and Use sections discuss the activity parameter to the relationship.  If you still see the problem, can you localize it?

After further rereading, I believe I understand the question.  You seem to be reacting to the fact that in the Events section, there are relations Used and Generated that relate an event to an entity that it uses or generates, and you are asking where is the link between the event and the activity.

The answer is in the next subsection on Activities, which gives another relation ActivityEvent that links activities and events.  I think this is a little cleaner than having Used and Generated be 3-ary relations; we could do that too though.

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