Re: Towards PROV-O Accounts

Hi Tim,
there is something that is confusing me a bit: first you say that "an
account is an Entity that was generated by an asserter during an assertion
Activity", but then you call Accounts "AssertionActivities", which
according to DM is not possible (since an Entity can't be an Activity).

By reading your modeling, which looks good by the way, I think we should
clarify whether the account is an activity or an entity. The impression
that I got by reading the dm was that an account is just a wrapper, which
are the named graphs ex:acc3_claims and ex:acc4_claims in your
design example.

The only problem that I see making Accounts specialization of Activities is
that the attributes of the account may not be the same as the attributes of
the Activity that created the account. Thus, it could be misleading IMO.

2012/1/5 Timothy Lebo <>

> prov-wg,
> I have been working on some discussion [1] that is relevant to modeling
> Accounts in PROV-O.
> It is incomplete, but I think ready for some initial feedback.
> Modeling accounts is on the agenda for tomorrow's telecon [2], so I hope
> this can provide some discussion material.
> Regards,
> Tim
> [1]
> [2]

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