reviewer feedback on prov-o ontology

Dear prov-o team,

In my review, I focused on a subset usage, derivation, generation, and 

I raised a few issues:

- (ISSUE-253)
   some properties (e.g. activity, entity, adoptedPlan) of involvements 
need to made functional

- (ISSUE-253)
   the domain of hadTemporalExtent is broader than in prov-dm

- (ISSUE-262)
   the ontology seems to allow an entity to be used (with qualified 
usage) by another entity.

- (ISSUE-263)
    Involvements such as usage can be shared by multiple activities.

Furthermore, the ontology allows for instances of involvements to be 
expressed, without
specifying its subclass (Usage, Generation, etc). This is not aligned 
with the data model.

Choice of name: I understand 'hadTemporalExtent' as 'had a duration'. 
But Usage and Generation,
for instance, have got instantaneous time. I don't understand why 
xsd:dateTime is not directly associated
by means of a data property.


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Received on Thursday, 23 February 2012 09:30:29 UTC