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On 4/19/12 1:41 PM, Timothy Lebo wrote:
> Paolo,
>> One possibility is to have a Set type for 1 and 2 (I see no point having a specific type for 1), and Dictionary for 3. This is 
>> done using prov:type.
>> But then again, why not just have Dictionary. It minimizes the number of definitions. If all I need is a set (2), I can just have 
>> pairs (e,e) as members
> Because it's a bit verbose for a simple case, and the transition from URI to a literal in PROV-O (and casting back and forth) will 
> be a headache.
> Although dictionaries _can_ be used for 2 and 1, it's too much effort.
> I suggest we keep dictionaries to do dictionary things and stop trying to contort it into its simple cases.
> That leaves:
> A) We add support for Sets in a direct way
> B) We just don't' support Sets in a direct way.
I am in favour of (A), called either:
    prov:multiset (because they contain entities which may be the same although their id are different)
    prov:set (if we go by string equality of the entity id)

> In either case, we can have prov:Collection (stripped of all of it's current meaning) as a superclass of prov:Dictionary (renamed 
> from prov:Collections) and leave it to someone else to extend prov:Collection to make a simple, boring, their:Set.
yes, prov:Dictionary extends prov:(multi)set


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