RE: PROV-ISSUE-320 (dgarijo): Change the name of prov:Quotation

Hi Daniel, Tim,


Sorry for not picking this up.


I just find that Quotation sounds like it's an Entity (and actually
Revision and Source do as well).  I don't have any better suggestion for
Quotation in isolation, I think it would need a change of naming
convention for involvements, e.g. have something like
QuotationInvolvement (but perhaps it was like that previously?).
Another alternative is to use the convention of naming the involvements
similarly to the direct properties, e.g. WasQuotedBy.  Something like
that was used in OPMO, and at least makes the correspondences obvious.


However, I think this is a minor quibble and I don't wish to upset
something that was otherwise settled, so I don't mind if the issue is


Stephen Cresswell

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Hi Stephen,
this issue is now OPEN. As Tim already asked, do you have a better
suggestion for "Quotation"?


2012/3/28 Timothy Lebo <>


Thanks for pointing this out.

On Mar 14, 2012, at 8:27 PM, Provenance Working Group Issue Tracker

> PROV-ISSUE-320 (dgarijo): Change the name of prov:Quotation
> Raised by: Stephen Cresswell
> On product:
> I wrongly thought prov:Quotation was a kind of
> Entity rather than a kind of EntityInvolvement, and I correspondingly
> misread hadQuoterAgent, hadQuotedAgent property as relating an Entity
> an Agent and thought that it ought to be a specialization of
> wasAttributedTo.  The way it's actually modeled does match PROV-DM,

Does this continue to be the case? If so, could you elaborate the
mismatch that you see?

> so
> there's nothing wrong here, but it might be worth considering renaming
> prov:Quotation to help avoid the tempting misreading.

prov:Quote was the entity in previous versions of prov-o.
prov:Quotation is named similarly to Generation and a few others.

Do you have a suggestion for it's name?
If so, I suggest raising an issue on DM as well:



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