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> 11. Section 3.3:
>     choice of name: you have prov:qualifiedUsage, etc
>                     why not simply prov:usage?

So that these properties follow the same pattern.
:q :x :i .
# qualified as:
:q prov:qualifiedX :i .
:i a prov:Involvement;
  prov:entity :e
  # or
  prov:activity :a

> 16. Generally speaking, it's quite advanced to see an example on collections
> so early.  It seems to give importance to this kind of concept that does not reflect
> its real importance. It's also one of the most speculative bit in the model.

Perhaps we can move this around a bit within the document. As the
collections is a bit complex model, I felt it was easier to explain
with examples than explaining every property in detail. Kind of like a
picture is worth a 1000 words.

> 21. traceTo is supposed to link to and from Agents, but they are not listed
> in domain/range.

prov:tracedTo has domain/range entity, just like in DM?

> Traceability, written tracedTo(id,e2,e1,attrs) in PROV-N, contains:
> id: an optional identifier identifying the relation;
> entity: an identifier (e2) for an entity;
> ancestor: an identifier (e1) for an ancestor entity that the former depends on;
> attributes: an optional set (attrs) of attribute-value pairs to further describe properties of the relation.

> 23 prov:Source.  Do we need to introduce a class for this? Why not just use
> Entity?

It's a name that needs to change as source is both a noun and verb.
It's not the source entity. It's the qualified sourcing/sourced event
- from qualifiedSource / hadOriginalSource. It's prov:entity on the
prov:Source that is the real.. eh.. source.

Perhaps an example would help here as well.

:e2 prov:hadOriginalSource :e1 ;
    prov:qualifiedSource :sourcing .

:sourcing a prov:Source ;
    prov:entity :e1 ;
    :attr1 :value1 .

(It's there in prov:Source - but it's not formatted as an example)

> 24  prov:agent, prov:entity, prov:activity must be made functional


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